Current Projects

  • Type this before any URL to get a chatbot that can help you navigate it! Finetune models on your data. Record all your chats in the database and synthesize more data to finetune on. Manage your dataset with friends. This is Anarchy’s top priority at the moment.

  • LLM-VM The LLM-VM (🛑 Paused development 🛑) is an LLM agnostic JIT for natural language. Specifically, it uses LLMs to convert conversational natural language into a dynamic series of LLM and IO commands. You provide the underlying provider(s), actions (APIs, code-hooks) and their descriptions, data-sources (PDFs, websites…), and the LLM-VM will take care of load-balancing, fine-tuning, natural language compilation and tool-selection.


Anarchy was born out of exaspiration. We’d been AI safety researchers, hackers and long-time GNU beneficiaries,
who saw the gestalt of our domains being annexed by the fascist rhetoric of so-called “doomers” afraid of “long-termist” sci-fi hypotheticals. To us, the encroachment of regulations on our self-expression was a far more dire threat. We decided then to eschew such viewpoints and do what such extremists would consider most anarchic: give AI access to the world.

Our promises

1. We will move towards open-source, not away from it.

2. We will work to accelerate the commoditization of AI.

3. We will not judge your use-cases. (provided it is legal)

💸 How will we make money? 💸

We are working to provide managed model hosting and training infrastructure for both developers and enterprises.