Current Projects

  • Stay tuned for the next iteration! Currently stealth, weโ€™re going to make building and sharing datasets and training models part of your every day life.

  • LLM-VM The LLM-VM is an LLM agnostic JIT for natural language. Specifically, it uses LLMs to convert conversational natural language into a dynamic series of LLM and IO commands. You provide the underlying provider(s), actions (APIs, code-hooks) and their descriptions, data-sources (PDFs, websitesโ€ฆ), and the LLM-VM will take care of load-balancing, fine-tuning, natural language compilation and tool-selection.


Anarchy was born out of exaspiration. Weโ€™d been AI safety researchers, hackers and long-time GNU beneficiaries,
who saw the gestalt of our domains being annexed by the fascist rhetoric of so-called โ€œdoomersโ€ afraid of โ€œlong-termistโ€ sci-fi hypotheticals. To us, the encroachment of regulations on our self-expression was a far more dire threat. We decided then to eschew such viewpoints and do what such extremists would consider most anarchic: give AI access to the world.

Our promises

1. We will move towards open-source, not away from it.

2. We will work to accelerate the commoditization of AI.

3. We will not judge your use-cases. (provided it is legal)

๐Ÿ’ธ How will we make money? ๐Ÿ’ธ

We are working to provide managed model hosting and training infrastructure for both developers and enterprises.