Developer-first LLM Infrastructure

At Anarchy, we're on a mission to democratize AI at whatever the cost. We're hackers who've grown tired of AI safety rhetoric meaning locked-down APIs with inconsistent support.How are we fixing this?
> Anarchy is starting by building the first provider-independent LLM-VM, and offering managed hosting to assist the transition away from single-point-of-failure providers.
Technically, what does this mean?
> The LLM-VM is a JIT that uses LLMs to convert conversational natural language into a dynamic series of LLM and IO commands.
> You provide the underlying provider(s), actions (APIs, code-hooks) and their descriptions, data-sources (PDFs, websites...), and the LLM-VM will take care of load-balancing, LLM selection and fine-tuning, natural language compilation, tree-of-thought.
Our promises
> We will move towards open-source, not away from it.
> We will work to accelerate the commoditization of AI.
> We will not judge your use-case (provided it is legal).

Are you ready to unleash AI?

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