Our organization started with a group of AI researchers, hackers, and technologists who were frustrated by growing regulations in our field. We saw these rules as a threat to creativity and progress. So, we decided to take action by giving AI broader access, aiming to create a more open and innovative future for everyone.

Our promises


We will move towards open-source, not away from it.


We will work to accelerate the commoditization of AI.


We will not judge your use-cases (provided it is legal).



Core Team

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We’re a YC (W23) company. In addition, we’ve raised $2M from various investors on the premise of building an OSS LLM Infra company. In particular, these investors have been magnificent to work with:

How does Anarchy make money?

We provide managed model hosting and training infrastructure for both developers and enterprises. You can view our pricing page here.

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