Planned Features

We’re actively working on delivering these features

  • Live Data Augmentation - You will be able to provide a live updating data-set and the Anarchy LLM-VM will fine-tune your models or work with a vector DB to provide up-to-date information with citations

  • Web Playground - You will be able to run the Anarchy LLM-VM and test it’s outputs from the browser.

  • Load-Balancing and Orchestration — If you have multiple LLMs or providers you’d like to utilize, you will be able to hand them to the Anarchy LLM-VM to automatically figure out which to work with and when to optimize your uptime or your costs

  • Output Templating - You can ensure that the LLM only outputs data in specific formats and fills in variables from a template with either regular expressions, LMQL, or OpenAI’s template language

  • Persistent Stateful Memory - The Anarchy LLM-VM can remember a user’s conversation history and react accordingly