We know contributing can be daunting, but we’re here to help. We want you to succeed. The first rule is be annoying, ask us for help, ask each other for help.

The first and most importantly step is to join our discord read the guidelines, and introduce yourself in the #intro channel.

Our aim is for this community to be not just for organization, but a teaching community.
Don’t be afraid to speak up with questions, and don’t shame people for asking them! There are a mix of experts and n00bs there.

Becoming an official contributor!

In order to get assigned tickets, you need to achieve contributor status (a role which will be reflected in discord). To do this, you must meet the following requirements:

  • To ensure productivity: Have posted pull requests that have closed 3 tickets with bounties or swag.
  • To keep out trolls: Maintain good standing in the community for at least 1 week.
  • To keep out bots: post a picture of yourself with your swag in #general, announcing your intention to become a contributor. OR
  • To keep us creative: post an oss project you built from github (doesn’t have to be big) on top of anarchy in the #projects discord forum.

We reserve the right to revoke contributor status at any time for any reason (play nice!)

Bounty Program

Some tickets we’ll pay you for closing! Look at the ticket labels to see how much the bounty is. Note we can’t guarantee that if you close a ticket we can pay you (only if you are from a non-US sanctioned country), and it is up to you to reach out and be annoying about this. To get started, it is essential to read the full guide in discord

Bounty Program Details

  • Post an email on the closed ticket, and from the same account email him on discord.
  • You will recieve payout via paypal.
  • PR must be approved by team, and ticket must remain closed for 1 full week.
  • Some tickets are vague - determining what “closes” them is at the disgression of the anarchy team.


If a ticket has the SWAG tag, you’ll get a discount code for up to $50 of free swag from our swag-shop